First Time Retreatants

As you enter the retreat house through the portico, the first door on your left leads to the Library. Please enter the Library to get registered and meet your fellow retreatants. You will be warmly greeted and helped to find your room and other places around the retreat house. There is supper and an orientation talk in the chapel followed by the first retreat conference (talk). Silence begins and you relax and center yourself in God’s love. You are surrounded by other retreatants so much like you. After a good night’s sleep, coffee is available early in the morning and each day brings a hot (and wonderful!) breakfast. Talks given by the retreat director give you new insights and information for your prayer. You might journal, take a long walk, and nap after lunch. Mass, reconciliation, and private time with the director are available. Everywhere there is beauty and Southern hospitality. You are amazed to discover that you relish the silence. Your heart and soul relax and you pray in new ways. When the retreat ends after lunch on the last day, you are a bit reluctant to re-enter the noisy world, but hopefully, you bring a closer relationship with God and new ways to pray with you.